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"Your eyes must do some raining if you're ever gonna grow."
-Bright Eyes

Talking about myself is a bit difficult for me, but I'll do it for you!

Above everything, I'm a wife of the most amazing, supportive husband and the mama of the two most incredible, bright little girls. They are my whole world, and bring so much joy and light to my life. The immeasurable love I feel for them is what inspires me to create memories of love and connection in others.  

Since I was young lass, I've felt compelled to create. I've found joy and serenity in creating art, playing music, and of course, photography. Confession: Myspace is where it all began..yeeeppp. Late nights editing code and hours spent searching for the perfect song to express my melancholy emo feels is what got me started down the creative path I have yet to turn from.. Oh being a teen in the 2000s. I've come a long way from emo portraits of my high school friends on my point and shoot camera, but I learned a lot from that time in my life.

Now, I am lucky enough to spend my days making art out of life and helping my clients to see and soak up all the magical goodness of it!

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Wino, sometimes guitar player, art, cheese on all the things, yoga, Nintendo Switch 4 life, Anything paranormal and spooky is how to get me talking.


Broncho, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Fruit Bats, Caamp, Rostam, Wavves


Eagle VS. Shark, The Greatest, The Wedding Singer, Wet Hot American Summer, Teen Witch


Queer Eye, Vanderpump Rules, Bob's Burgers, Handmaid's Tale, Catfish

Who I'd Love To Photograph

I always had a vision of photographing Dave Grohl and his family when his kids were younger hahaha. Now I would say just literally anyone who trusts my artistic vision and wants to have fun together!

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Aspen Dawn Skye

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Scorpio sun + rising, Cancer moon
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4 wing 3
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My love for families, especially motherhood, is big. I find mothers to be the most beautiful creatures on the planet. With society doing nothing for mamas but beating us down and making us feel inadequate, I am determined to have the mothers in front of my camera feel as goddess-like as they truly are. Truly, nothing is more beautiful than how you love your family. I strive to create palpable memories that will bring you right back to the feeling you had when the image was taken.

My wish upon a star for you is this

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Helping Photographers succeed fuels my soul

I love nothing more than watching my mentees and fellow colleagues win and I would love to do the same for you!

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I have a heart for teaching others this amazing art we get to call work. My approach is gentle and focused not on who you want your work to look like but who YOU are as an artist. Let's cut through all the noise and get down to your heart for your work.

Need some presets that actually help your workflow and make your images pop!? With golden hues, dreamy greens, and those elusive skin tones we all strive for, these presets are my bitches and I absolutely would love to share them with you!

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Helping you succeed fuels my soul

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Love Letters

"She helped my husband and I feel comfortable in front of the camera, and got so many smiles out of our son (who was 8 months old at the time). Most importantly, we absolutely loved our pictures! They really showed our son’s personality, and we will cherish those pictures forever."

xo, Olivia G.

"We’ve been lucky enough to have her capture photos for us on multiple occasions, including our maternity photos, and they are pictures we will cherish for a lifetime. She is an amazing photographer and human. We can’t recommend her and her work enough!”"

xo, Lexi R.

"Aspen has been taking mine and my growing families pictures for over 10 years now. She has been there for baby and me photos throughout mine and my daughters lives. She captures all of our precious memories that are just irreplaceable."

xo, Chelsea R.



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I'm Aspen! Your Bakersfield, CA motherhood photographer ready to create some magic with the people you love more than anything.